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matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat Class Reference

The simplified parameterization class for factorizing a rectangular matrix with the hierarchical factorization algorithm. More...

Public Member Functions

function ParamsHierarchicalRectMat (m, n, j, k, s, varargin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchical
function ParamsHierarchical (fact_constraints, res_constraints, stop_crit1, stop_crit2, varargin)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from matfaust::factparams::ParamsFact
function ParamsFact (num_facts, constraints, varargin)

Static Public Member Functions

static function createParams (M, p)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from matfaust::factparams::ParamsFact
static function factor_format_str2int (factor_format)
static function parse_opt_args (cell_args, opt_arg_names, opt_arg_map)
static function get_constraints (constraints)
 Returns a cell array of constraints from constraints which is a ConstraintList or cell array that can be a mix of pyfaust.factparams.ConstraintGeneric or pyfaust.proj.proj_gen. If projs is a ConstraintList then the function just returns the same object as is. More...

Protected Attributes

Constant Property DEFAULT_RHO = 0.8
Constant Property DEFAULT_P_CONST_FACT = 1.4
- Protected Attributes inherited from matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchical
Constant Property DEFAULT_IS_FACT_SIDE_LEFT = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from matfaust::factparams::ParamsFact
Constant Property DEFAULT_STEP_SIZE = 10
Constant Property DEFAULT_VERBOSITY = false
Constant Property DEFAULT_CONSTANT_STEP_SIZE = false
Constant Property DEFAULT_INIT_LAMBDA = 1.0
Constant Property DEFAULT_IS_UPDATE_WAY_R2L = false
Constant Property DEFAULT_PACKING_RL = true
Constant Property DEFAULT_FACTOR_FORMAT = 'dynamic'
Constant Property DEFAULT_NO_NORMALIZATION = false
Constant Property DEFAULT_NO_LAMBDA = false
Constant Property DEFAULT_NORM2_MAX_ITER = 0
Constant Property DEFAULT_NORM2_THRESHOLD = 0
Constant Property IDX_FACTOR_FORMAT = 9
Constant Property IDX_PACKING_RL = 10
Constant Property IDX_NO_NORMALIZATION = 11
Constant Property IDX_NO_LAMBDA = 12

Additional Inherited Members

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Property step_size
Property constant_step_size
Property factor_format
Property packing_RL
Property norm2_max_iter
Property norm2_threshold
Property use_MHTP
Property no_normalization
Property no_lambda

Detailed Description

The simplified parameterization class for factorizing a rectangular matrix with the hierarchical factorization algorithm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ParamsHierarchicalRectMat()

function matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat ( ,

Constructor for the specialized parameterization used for example in the matfaust.demo.bsl (brain souce localization). For a better understanding you might refer to [1].

The figure below describes the sparsity of each factor of the Faust you'll obtain using pyfaust.fact.hierarchical with a ParamsHierarchicalRectMat instance.

The resulting Faust.nnz_sum is: \( \lceil P m^2 \rho^{j-2} \rceil + (j-2) s m + k n \)

mthe number of rows of the input matrix.
nthe number of columns of the input matrix.
jthe total number of factors.
kthe integer sparsity per column (SPCOL, matfaust.proj.spcol) applied to the rightmost factor (index j-1) of shape (m, n).
ss*m is the integer sparsity targeted (SP, matfaust.proj.sp) for all the factors from the second (index 1) to index j-2. These factors are square of order n.
'rho',realdefines the integer sparsity (SP, matfaust.proj.sp) of the i-th residual (i=0:j-2): ceil(P*m^2*rho^i).
'P',real(default value is ParamsHierarchicalRectMat.DEFAULT_P_CONST_FACT) defines the integer sparsity of the i-th residual (i=0:j-2): ceil(P*m^2*rho^i).


>> import matfaust.factparams.*
>> % set p1 with m, n, j, k parameters
>> p1 = ParamsHierarchicalRectMat(32, 128, 8, 4, 2);
>> % now with additional optional rho and P
>> p2 = ParamsHierarchicalRectMat(32, 128, 8, 4, 2, 'rho', .7, 'P', 1.5);

[1] Le Magoarou L. and Gribonval R., "Flexible multi-layer sparse approximations of matrices and applications", Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2016. [https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01167948v1]

Member Function Documentation

◆ createParams()

static function matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat::createParams ( ,

Static member function to create a ParamsHierarchicalRectMat instance by a simplified parameterization expression.

pa list of the form {'rectmat', j, k, s} or {'rectmat', j, k, s, 'rho', rho, 'P', P} to create a parameter instance with the parameters j, k, s and optionally rho and P (see the class constructor ParamsHierarchicalRectMat.ParamsHierarchicalRectMat for their definitions).


>> num_facts = 9;
>> k = 10;
>> s = 8;
>> p = ParamsHierarchicalRectMat.createParams(rand(256, 1024), {'rectmat', num_facts, k, s});
>> p2 = ParamsHierarchicalRectMat.createParams(rand(256, 1024), {'rectmat', num_facts, k, s, 'rho', 1.2, 'P', 2});

Member Data Documentation


Constant Property matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat::DEFAULT_P_CONST_FACT = 1.4


Constant Property matfaust::factparams::ParamsHierarchicalRectMat::DEFAULT_RHO = 0.8

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The simplified parameterization class for factorizing a rectangular matrix with the hierarchical fact...
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function rand(M, N, varargin)
Generates a random Faust.
function ParamsHierarchicalRectMat(m, n, j, k, s, varargin)
The module for the parametrization of FAuST's algorithms (Palm4MSA and Hierarchical Factorization)