-  3.41.0
matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams Class Reference

This class defines the set of parameters to run the MHTP-PAL4MSA algorithm. More...

Public Member Functions

function MHTPParams (varargin)

Public Attributes

Property num_its
Property constant_step_size
Property step_size
Property palm4msa_period
Property updating_lambda

Detailed Description

This class defines the set of parameters to run the MHTP-PAL4MSA algorithm.

See also matfaust.fact.palm4msa_mhtp, matfaust.fact.hierarchical_mhtp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MHTPParams()

function matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::MHTPParams ( varargin  )

Constructor of the MHTPParams class.

See also matfaust.fact.palm4msa_mhtp, matfaust.fact.hierarchical_mhtp.

'num_its',int(optional) the number of iterations to run the MHTP algorithm.
'constant_step_size',bool(optional) true to use a constant step for the gradient descent, False otherwise. If false the step size is computed dynamically along the iterations (according to a Lipschitz criterion).
'step_size',real(optional) The step size used when constant_step_size==true.
'palm4msa_period',int(optional) The period (in term of iterations) according to the MHTP algorithm is ran (i.e.: 0 <= i < N being the PALM4MSA iteration, MHTP is launched every i = 0 (mod palm4msa_period). Hence the algorithm is ran one time at least – at PALM4MSA iteration 0).
'updating_lambda',bool(optional) if true then the scale factor of the Faust resulting of the factorization is updated after each iteration of MHTP (otherwise it never changes during the whole MHTP execution).

Member Data Documentation

◆ constant_step_size

Property matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::constant_step_size

◆ num_its

Property matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::num_its

◆ palm4msa_period

Property matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::palm4msa_period

◆ step_size

Property matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::step_size

◆ updating_lambda

Property matfaust::factparams::MHTPParams::updating_lambda

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